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Day 30 of 30 Days of the Golden Rule

Good Morning Most Beautiful and Wonderful World Changers!!!! We have completed our journey! The Golden Rule is simple: Treat others the way you want to be treated. You don’t go and kill 50 people in a nightclub because you don’t want someone to do that to you and your family. If people would just simply live by the Golden Rule a lot of violence would end. I have to apologize to my students when I yell at them because I know I would want anyone yelling at me. It’s so simple but many people don’t get it. LOVE your neighbor = LOVE yourself! Just Do It! Spread LOVE!the-golden-rule

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Day 28 of 30 Days of the Golden Rule

Good Morning Most Awesome and Wonderful World Changers!!!! Remember on Saturday mornings when you would get a bowl of cereal and watch cartoons? Remember when all of your favorite shows had a Moral undertone? Gone are those days now. But I say, it only takes one to start it. Let’s bring back entertain for the whole family that leads to table discussions. Spread Love!

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Daily Meditations

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Day 27 of 30 Days of the Golden Rule

Good Morning Most Awesome and Wonderful World Changers! It all boils down to one thing! As My Pastor, Rev. Van Green used to say. . . . . . “That’s LOVE Y’all!” It all boils down to LOVE! Anytime there is a problem it is because of lack of Love. So the solution to any problem is LOVE! Either we need to show love to ourselves or show love to someone else! Love the Lord your God with all you heart, mind, body, and soul. Love your neighbor as yourself. On these two hang all the laws and the prophets!


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These are some the truest word ever penned!

Jordan McQueenRemember when just meeting up with your friends was enough? When we didn’t obsess over digital proof of a friendship and having a good time. Remember when silence was enough? When we didn’t have to fill that void of nothing with blinking notifications because the silence was too loud. Remember when a conversation was enough? When we didn’t…

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I have to pull over. I was driving and I started thinking of all the things that seem to be going wrong. I know that I can create the environment I want by thinking thoughts of joy and love and peace  by thinking thoughts of joy and love and peace. However an overwhelming sadness and feeling of depression came over me. Reminding me that this is the way things are for you Kyri. Get over it. You will always give and give and give yourself til you’ve given out and nothing will come back to you. You will always be one paycheck away from being homeless. You will always separated from who you truly are. You never develop the type of deep friendships and relationships you desire. Your bank account will always be in the negative. This is your life. . . Things will not workout for you no matter how close you get.

I wish I could say I closed my eyes and came with an affirmation that made me feel better but I can’t. That’s why I had too pull over. My wouldn’t let me. It kept saying Kyri your life hasn’t changed a bit you are still right where you don’t want to be. You’re making a little more money your mindset is still the same. You are still scared and timid. You are still taking the safe way out, too scared to take a chance, still going with the path of lease resistance, still starting things and never finishing. I was having trouble seeing as I felt chest pains. So had to pull over.

Lesson: All the affirmations in the world won’t help if you are not going within your mind to learn from  your thoughts.

Instead of fighting these thoughts, I decided to go on and have them. It’s an ugly, unhappy place to be but I feel like I needed this today. The bible says think soberly, so I realize that I am not where I thought I was. However, I do see the growth because before I would’ve shut down laid over bed and cried and cried. But I don’t like crying. I feel like exploring deeper into my thoughts and why in the last 16 years of my life, I have repeated the 2001 over and over and over again? What can do to break the cycle? I moved to  Louisville but it seems I’m still in the cycle the track just got bigger. I have a lot of work to do.  Changing your thoughts is not easy but today I’m up for the challenge!


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Day 24 of 30 Days of the Golden Rule

Good Morning Most Wonderful Awesome World Changers!!!! Sandi Patti sang, Love in  any language straight from the heart. Pulls us all together, never apart. And once we learn to speak it, all the world will hear. Love in any language, fluently spoken here. Love transcends all language and religion. Love is cure for everything! Love shines light in all darkness! Love cancels out all fears!