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Bullying Prevention Month

The Demby’s Playful Parables Bullying Prevention Suite is Almost Finished!

Starting with the release of Simon Faces Bull Lee the Blowfish

Step1 = Ignore the Bully

Step 2 = Go Tell The Teacher

Step 3 = Confront the Bully

Step 4 = Stand Together

Last Thing! Realize that Bullies need Love ❤️ they are really scared and sad on the inside.

Featured by another blogger! Life With Gormleys

How To Stop Bullying and Cyberbullying: Simon Faces Bull Lee the Blowfish

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Wow! My Books Got Shouted Out on a Popular YouTube series!

Have you guys watch the YouTube series, Our Tribe of Many? It’s an Awesome show about a family that has 10 kids and what life is like for them. It’s pretty entertaining and informative! They have asked for businesses to send them samples and they would give them a shout! They picked me! Yayyy!

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Books for Boys!!!

Good Morning Most Awesome and Wonderful World Changers! As a teacher it is hard to find books that’s boys enjoy reading. That’s why I’m happy to collaborate with these two up and coming Authors; Mr Dana Calhoun and Mr John Yates. Both books will be for intermediate grade level students and both will be out by June 15! I’m totally excited!

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🚨🚨 New Video Alert 🚨🚨

Hey Y’all! Check out my newest video on my YouTube channel! ” Best I Can Be by Lavon Bibb”

My classes start every morning off by saying I am the best so I will act like the best. I will use self-control. I will make good choices. I will treat others the way I want to be treated. Therefore I will be nice and kind to myself and others. I will always stop think and breathe and make the right choice! Everywhere I go. I came to school to learn, therefore I will learn!

They Are The Best! We Are The Best! I Am The Best I Can Be!

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Good Morning Most Awesome and Wonderful World Changers! My school has chance to win $5000 so we can get new instruments to start our Jaguar Blues Band! Would you consider making voting for Jacob Elementary a part of your morning routine for the next 2 months? You vote one time everyday until November 30! Please help!

Click Here to Vote

Please help! Send only positive energy and a daily vote ! LOL ! Thanks!