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Kyri- The Weather Man

As I get older I realize that every organization I’ve worked with (post high school… LOL 😂) whether it’s church, school, any other job; I can change the climate and culture! ( not single handed but with the help of others) Music carries a certain vibration that other disciplines don’t have. Almost every song I select has the ability to change hearts and minds. I think of Joe Clark. There is a reason he wanted every student at Eastside High to learn, know, and be able to sing the school song. You develop a sense of pride in yourself and in your school. When you have that pride… there some things that you just won’t do or allow. I have been using this same therory in every organization. At Alta Vista- We sang … “We Eagles 🦅 will go soaring higher up into the sky of life!” At Henryville Middle- we had our own class reading…. “I am Great and there is greatness in me” At Audubon my 2nd graders said every morning….. “I am the best so I will act like the best!” At Jacob …. We sing the Jacob Way and say, “I am the best so I will act like the best”…… you could almost instantly feel the difference in the climate. I won’t even talk about the churches that I have worked with. By the time I leave my choirs, I have believing that they are the top choir on this side of heaven! I tell pastors when I interview…. I probably won’t be able to grow your church, but I can change the climate and culture of the congregation so that they are ready and prepared for growth! That’s what I do! #theclimatechanger