There’s a lesson in every bit of reading fun!

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When the Bible said, “Let everything that has breath, praise the Lord!” it meant everything! Frogs, birds, bees, chickens, ducks, and everything in between! Not in My Church is a fun tale about a small church that saw this very scripture come to life. That church went from being a very quiet church where the people would just come and sit, to a church where they were jumping, running, shouting, and waving their hands! See who their unlikely teachers were.


Simon is a seal who always makes good choices because he uses self control. If you’re having a little trouble following the rules and making good choices, you should use Simon’s little trick for controlling himself. He sings his little song; “Stop, think, and breathe, and make the right choice”!


The escape of Fortissimo happens every time a director tells their group to play or sing louder. Sometimes it gets out of hand. This why we need Dynamics: Fortissimo (Very Loud), Forte (Loud), Mezzo-Forte (Medium Loud), Piano (Soft), and Pianissimo (Very Soft). When learning music it is very helpful to know these musical symbols. Fortissimo is a very loud monster that escapes from the Zoo. Lori has to use her tool called the decrescendo to make him a very soft small monster in order to capture him.


Lori Biscuit, The Music Detective is the introductory book of the Lori Biscuit series. This book introduces musical concepts in the form of weapons. Readers will learn musical concepts such as Dynamics (loud or soft), Tempo (fast or slow), and Pitch (high or low). Lori eats a healthy Breakfast, lunch and dinner. This will remind readers to remember good nutrition. The book also gives the reader a chance to use higher level thinking.

I recommend that everyone get the book! It’s a winner. Thank you so much Kyri for writing this book. On Monday, August 18th, my grandson, Jaelen, age 11 , who is in middle school, came home after school, in trouble for talking, the next day, August, 19th, that morning I told him to stay focused & stay out of trouble. Well, he came home in trouble again, this time he got in trouble for talking in line and pushing a fellow student, he said the student jumped the line. Upon him coming home after school and me reading what the teacher wrote, I made him read your book, ‘Simon the Self-Control Seal’,he read it in 5 seconds, I knew he had just speedily rushed through the book so, when my other grandson, Jorden, age 4, came home from kindergarten, we sat down together and I read the book to them and every time in the book it would say, “Stop, think, and breathe and make the right choice!” I would make them say it out loud. Ok, day 3 – Wednesday, August 20th, Jaelen came home from school with a look of surprise on his face saying, “granny it works!” He told me he kept the words in the book on his mind, “Stop, think, and breathe and make the right choice!” When different situations arose during the day it helped him to stay focused and make the right choice. So Thursday passed ~ all is well, and thank God it’s Friday, school day is over and done and ALL IS WELL Even Jorden has memorized the verse. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Yvonne McCarthy, Grandparent

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