Programs For Students

Book Mr. Demby For Your Elementary Classroom Visit or School-Wide Assembly Today

Elementary School Programs

School Assemblies 

Mr. Demby comes to speak to, read to, sing with, and dance with your entire student body! Accompanied by DJ Do Right, this is bound to be one of the most exciting experiences for your young learners!


Self- Control

Bullies Need Luv

You Are The B.E.S.T.

Classroom Visits

Students get to spend more personal time with Mr. Demby as he reads to the children and teaches a small lesson on self-control. Students will get a chance to converse and share with Mr. Demby!

  • Self-Controlled Classroom
  • Writing a Short-Story with Mr. Demby

Story Time with Mr. Demby

Mr. Demby comes to read to your small group at Kid’s Reading Club, Sunday School or Vacation Bible School

Book Mr. Demby to your school, church, or community organization!

Now Inspiring Children and Adults!

Educators Trainings

  • The Self-Corrected Student
  • Building a Classroom Culture for S.E.L.
  • Bringing Your B.E.S.T. to your Classroom

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