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Stop Dreaming – Wake Up and Live!

Good Morning Most Awesome and Wonderful World Changers! I was sitting here thinking of the time and money I have spent on making my dreams come true. Publishing, Marketing, Social Media Post, and other connections. I have spent years paying for my dreams. Sacrificing vacations, friendships, relationships, and other social interaction for the purposes of one day reaching my goals. I woke up this morning feeling like I have been so focused on dreams that I have not lived. I have not experienced the heart breaking of a relationship falling apart because I always distance myself. I have not experienced the joys of being excited because I accomplished something because I keep moving to the next thing. I don’t know the joys of sharing my life with another person because every connection is a stepping stone towards my dreams. My dreams have made me tired 😴….. it’s time to live. What if I am just meant to be a teacher and nothing more? What if I’m not the next Mr Rogers or Bill Cosby? What if I don’t reach any other goals than the ones I already reached? What if only the people I’m connected with are the only people I’m meant to connect with? I say…. Live anyway! Stop worrying about what might be or could be or could’ve been and just LIVE!