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The Social Distancing Blues Washed Away thanks to Dr. Andrea Dinardo!

Hello Most Awesome and Wonderful World Changers! I haven’t posted in a while. Since there is no school, I’ve been stuck in the house. It started out very depressing but after a few days and some of my principal friends contacting me, I found some passion again. I started doing “ Music In Pajamas”

My Passion is ignited once again!

Daily Affirmations: Today is an Amazing Day. I feel good about myself. I love to feel the sun on my face. My passion is ignited. I love and approve of myself. I am healthy, wealthy, whole, and complete. ALL IS WELL IN MY CLASSROOM. ALL IS WELL IN MY SCHOOL. ALL IS WELL IN MY WORLD. ALL IS WELL AND I AM SAFE. #IBlessMyWorldWithLove