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Caravan of Love

Good Morning Most Awesome and Wonderful World Changers!!!!! It’s time for us to unite as the human race and spread more love! Love is the tool God has given to cancel out sin and evil! No more talks and gatherings about other stuff. Every gathering that is meant to drive change, should be called the love gathering! How can we love each other through these issues? Love means support, understanding, caring, kindness, acceptance  and compassion. It takes a lot to love!But it’s worth it! No more spreading of guilt and blame but let’s spread love! Now is the time to make a choice! We can either live in fear or love! The choice is yours. Even if you don’t know how to love, the world will only get better by you trying. Let’s think thoughts of love toward ourselves and then toward others! Love thy neighbor as you love yourself! Even if you never make it to loving your neighbor, the world will still benefit from your love of yourself! The Isley Bothers said it best! “Every woman, every man Join the caravan of love.Everybody take a stand Join the caravan of love!”

Daily Affirmations: Today is Amazing Day! I feel Vibrant and Alive! I Love and Approve of myself! Today I spread love! The Love I give myself, I spread to others! We live in a safe and secure world. I am one with God and God is everything! He is in me and I am in him! God is Love! ALL IS WELL IN MY CLASSROOM! ALL IS WELL IN MY SCHOOL! ALL IS WELL IN MY WORLD! ALL IS WELL AND I AM SAFE! #IBlessMySchoolWithLove


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Who cares if I’m Right!

Good Afternoon Most Awesome and Wonderful World Changers! It’s been a while since I posted but I saw this and it spoke to me. Many times we do whatever we can just to be right. Even in times when being right could be devastating. “If you don’t stop speeding, you’re gonna be in an accident!” Sometimes it seems like we wish the person would get in an accident just so we could be right. How mean spirited is that? On the other hand, we tear people down and defame their character just so we can be right. Discredit someone else so we can be right. That’s why this quote spoke to me this morning. “I’m one of those people!” I’m always right! “Mark my words”, I would say. That’s what my grandmother said to me. I didn’t realize that by me wishing or expecting harm to them just so I could be right was really bringing it to myself. My godsons drive most of the time when we travel and beg and plead them to slow down. “You’re gonna get in an accident!” However, I’ve been in 4 within a 2 year period and they haven’t been in any. As I look inwardly with Love, I choose not to be right but kind. Everything I wish for others is attracted back to me. So from here on out, I attract kindness, patience, gentleness, love, and peace! ALL IS WELL AND I AM SAFE!


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Day 30 of 30 Days of the Golden Rule

Good Morning Most Beautiful and Wonderful World Changers!!!! We have completed our journey! The Golden Rule is simple: Treat others the way you want to be treated. You don’t go and kill 50 people in a nightclub because you don’t want someone to do that to you and your family. If people would just simply live by the Golden Rule a lot of violence would end. I have to apologize to my students when I yell at them because I know I would want anyone yelling at me. It’s so simple but many people don’t get it. LOVE your neighbor = LOVE yourself! Just Do It! Spread LOVE!the-golden-rule

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Day 28 of 30 Days of the Golden Rule

Good Morning Most Awesome and Wonderful World Changers!!!! Remember on Saturday mornings when you would get a bowl of cereal and watch cartoons? Remember when all of your favorite shows had a Moral undertone? Gone are those days now. But I say, it only takes one to start it. Let’s bring back entertain for the whole family that leads to table discussions. Spread Love!

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Daily Meditations

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Day 27 of 30 Days of the Golden Rule

Good Morning Most Awesome and Wonderful World Changers! It all boils down to one thing! As My Pastor, Rev. Van Green used to say. . . . . . “That’s LOVE Y’all!” It all boils down to LOVE! Anytime there is a problem it is because of lack of Love. So the solution to any problem is LOVE! Either we need to show love to ourselves or show love to someone else! Love the Lord your God with all you heart, mind, body, and soul. Love your neighbor as yourself. On these two hang all the laws and the prophets!