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Be Responsible, Be Respectful, and Be Ready!

Teaching our kids to be responsible and respectful are two of the most important concepts you could ever teach! Oh what a wonderful world we would live in, if everybody learned to be responsible and respectful. Which really means mind your own business! Take care of the things you need to do. “Secure your mask first, then help someone else” as they say before you go on a flight! But literally, that what being responsible and respectful means. The old church members used to say, “ sweep around your own front door, before you try to sweep around mine”. As educators, it is important to teach our children these lessons. If we are going to raise up the next citizens, this is what we need to teach!

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Spooky Things!

Good Morning Most Awesome and Wonderful World Changers! It’s really spooky to think that our thoughts attract our reality. That means everything that happens to us, we somehow subconsciously asked for it. That’s scary as hell! So instead of looking at our thoughts and examining ourselves, it’s easier to just blame something or someone else.

The devil gets a bad rep! He gets blamed for everything. I’m starting to think he doesn’t exist. He’s just a character one of the Bible writers make up so that people didn’t have to take responsibility. . . That’s another story for another time. All I’m saying is let’s start thinking about what we’re thinking about before we lay blame on something or someone else!

Daily Affirmations: Today is a Tremendous Day! I’m excited about life. My thoughts are my best friend. I release the need to blame and stand in a place of responsibility. I love and respect myself. People are for me. I am loved and I am lovable. I am healthy, wealthy, whole, and complete. ALL IS WELL IN MY CLASSROOM. ALL IS WELL IN MY SCHOOL. ALL IS WELL IN MY WORLD. ALL IS WELL AND I AM SAFE. #IBlessMyWorldWithLove

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