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Trusting God Tuesday

Good Morning Awesome Educators and Friends!!!! In turbulent times when It seems like nothing is going right; I have learn to trust God even more. God always gives you what you expect. So normally when I’m experiencing craziness, I have to go into the classroom of my mind and look at my thoughts that are creating it. Craziness in my mind = craziness in my personal experience. That’s when I trust God all the more. I know that once I clean my thought patterns, he will help clean the craziness out of my life! I serve a God that is loving and caring! Whatever I choose the think, believe, and speak; God starts arranging and rearranging things in the universe for me to take steps toward it! God is so good! It’s easier to trust him once you realize that he only gives back to you what your thoughts will allow! Life is easy because I trust God to do what he does best!

Daily Affirmations: Today is an Amazing Day! I trust God to bring me my highest good! I am excited about life! I teach with ease! My students learn with ease! I am cleaning my thoughts and creating wonderful new experiences. I love myself and approve of myself! I am grateful to serve a God that is good! ALL IS WELL AND I AM SAFE! ALL IS WELL IN MY CLASSROOM! ALL IS WELL IN MY SCHOOL! ALL IS WELL IN MY WORLD! #IBlessMySchoolWithLove