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You’re Getting What You Expect!

Good Morning Most Awesome and Wonderful World Changers. Many times we don’t realize it, but everything that happens to us is a product of what we expect. It’s almost like we enjoy having bad days, just so we can tell somebody we’re having a bad day. In the same vain, people say I feel a tingle in my throat, I’m gonna be sick. Then they end up actually being sick. You’re getting what you expect. Some people think and say jokingly, I’m clumsy or I’m not good with this or that. Then it actually comes true for them. Why not change it around and expect only good. Even feel the tingle in our throats, we can still say, I never get sick. . . Turn your focus to the best possible outcome. Expect only the best and know that you deserve the best. Not because you’ve worked hard to get the best or you struggled so much that you deserve the best. Expect and know that you deserve the best because you are you! You are worthy of all good.

Daily Affirmations: Today is a magnificent day. I choose to feel good about myself. I am lovable and loved by all. I am worthy of my own love. I love and approve of myself. I expect the best now! I accept the best! I am willing to receive all good into my life. ALL IS WELL IN MY CLASSROOM. ALL IS WELL IN MY SCHOOL. ALL IS WELL IN MY WORLD. ALL IS WELL AND I AM SAFE. #IBlessMyWorldWithLove

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Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Good Morning Most Awesome and Wonderful World Changers! Have you ever asked somebody to something, but you asked from the stand point of the victim? I’m sure your request was not granted. They show it on horror movies all the time. The victim is screaming, “Please don’t kill me!” and what ends up happening? SPLAT! that’s the one he kills. But the one who survives is the one who gathers themselves and chooses not to be the helpless victim. No matter how bad the killer hurts them, they are still determined to survive. The Bible says, ask and ye shall receive. However, the universe and it’s Creator (God) only hear your thoughts. If you asking for more money but in your mind you’re saying, “Woe is me. I’ve always been poor” What do you think you will receive? Many times we don’t realize what we’re doing to ourself. We might say, “I want to be a millionaire!” But in our minds we are saying, “Look at those rich people on TV, they are so wasteful.” If you don’t appreciate the rich people you see, what do you think the universe hears? Tony Robbins says Ask intelligently, and ye shall recieve. In order to do this, you have to think about what you think about. Go back in life and look at the ungranted request, and honestly think about what your mental state was at that time. Look at it this way. As a teacher or parent, when you ask your children to do something, you expect them to do it; no questions asked.When you ask from this mind-set, they do it! Start asking God, expecting it to be done and focus only on that. Don’t focus on why you need it and how bad things have been. Otherwise you will go back to not receiving .

Daily Affirmations: Today is and Amazing Day! I love myself! I am Vibrant and Alive! I am victorious! I am the head! I am Above! I am the lender! I am God’s rich child!! ALL IS WELL IN MY CLASSROOM! ALL IS WELL IN MY SCHOOL! ALL IS WELL IN MY WORLD! #IBlessMySchoolWithLove