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Good Morning Most Awesome and Wonderful Educators and Friends!!!! In almost any religion, you are required to have faith. What exactly is having faith? Is it believing that there is some power greater than you, that works on your behalf? Is it believing that there someone or something bigger than you that leads, guides and corrects you? I say, whatever faith is is; your thoughts are needed to have it. Faith = Imagination and without it, it’s impossible to please God says the bible.Whoever my mind says that God is, that’s who he’ll be. I was just thinking and reading through various religious books. Some writers say, “He’s a vengeful, jealous God” while others say, “God is Love. He’s our Father or Mother” yet others have even called him “Friend”. It’s all in how you imagine him to be. #Faith  I choose to let go of my Sunday school version of God. Now don’t get me wrong those stories were great for learning how powerful God is, but they don’t  create a great life for the people who still view God that way. Just think in the story of Noah, it’s says that God was sorry that he made man and decided to destroy him. Just imagine the adult that is walking around believing that if they make one mistake, God is coming to destroy them? It’s really people out there like that. I know, because I was one of them. And then I heard Louise Hay say that, “even your view of God should be for you and not against you”. Whoa! Hold the phone! I could actually choose who God is to me? Just imagine all the years I prayed to a vengeful, sarcastic person who would destroy me or kill people in my life just to teach me a lesson. This did not increase my faith one bit. I think this might be why there is a great falling away from church amongst other things?

I now have totally different view of God!  We are his creations, whom he loves very much! He has allowed us to be creators just like him. Whatever we decide to believe and speak, he sets the universe in motion to bring it to pass. Just have FAITH!

We are made in the image of God. So our view of God is really a view of ourself. Just have FAITH!

Daily Affirmations: Today is an Amazing Day! I Love and Approve of Myself! I know that God is for me and he moves heaven and earth on my behalf! God is Love! I am in him and he is in me! ALL IS WELL AND I AM SAFE! ALL IS WELL IN MY CLASSROOM! ALL IS WELL IN MY SCHOOL! ALL IS WELL IN MY WORLD! #IBlessMySchoolWithLove


Kyri Demby, author, is a native Floridian, born and raised in Crestview, Fl. He is the middle child of seven children born to Linda Brown. Kyri began writing stories and songs at the age of thirteen. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Education as well as in Church Music from Bethune-Cookman University and also a Master of Education Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of South Florida. “Each one must reach one (or two or three)!” is Kyri’s belief about teaching and community service. He is a mentor to many students as well as other professionals. Kyri has written many stories and published several other books. . He has visited many schools, churches, and community centers teaching his playful parables and speaking to children. Kyri is the founder of Let Music Live Inc., "his pride and joy"; a community program incorporates music with drama. He believes that he is changing the world, one child at a time!

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