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Blame is the worst enemy of all humankind. I believe it is truly our enemy! Anytime you find some reason, other than yourself,  for something failing or not going well, you are headed down the wrong road! Christians always talk about how powerful God is but they will be the first ones to say, “The school have gone down because “They” took prayer out of the schools” Well I want to know who took it out of their homes? The prayers of the righteous availeth much, so it doesn’t matter where you pray; God can still move in that situation. There’s no way our society can be going down, if everybody is praying as much as they say they are. Moses was only one person and after he talked to God, he changed the course of history for a whole nation. He could have simply blamed “Them” for the way things were; but he chose to follow God’s plan and make a difference. This is why I feel that there is should a great falling away from the church. (Just my opinion) You can’t tell me about this Powerful, Almighty God that can’t do anything. . . .  Hmmm does that even make sense. Now the church is blaming Obama and the government, but they should be looking at themselves. Just like when I’m in my classroom. If a lesson doesn’t go right or the students become sorely off-task, I can only look within and take responsibility. I try not spread blame to others or myself, only responsibility. It’s either my mental state or my lack of planning that set this behavior in motion. Let’s stop the blaming and start taking responsibility! Likewise that black community has blamed whites for years for their failures. We can only allow the responsibility to fall on us. There is no way that we can live if we expect and / or feel entitled to handouts. Expecting someone to pay you back for all the pain you experience, is not going to create a positive life. As you can see through present news reposts and social media post. The “Black” community is falling apart at an alarming rate. Everybody keeps saying “Black lives Matter” to try to get other races to see the importance. We as blacks have to make Black lives matter to us first. The only way to do that is to forget about the past and live in the present moment. Do not allow what happened to someone years ago dictate the way you live today. Have you ever notice that when you expect some to be prejudice to you, they are? Every time you say “They” won’t let us do this or that, you give whoever “they” are more power. We have spent years and years and years of blame which has created this generation we have now! Let’s take responsibility and speak the world that we want and stop talking about the world we don’t. The next time you hear a believer talking about how bad the world is, just stop them in their tracks and say “God is Big and he can move and make changes from anywhere. So let’s start praying and speaking over this generation right now!” In the Bible all it took was one that was righteous to save a whole city so why can we overpower “they”? If God be for us, who can be against us! The Church will not move any further than it has moved nor will the Black Community move any further as long we are blaming without rather than looking within! (I’m really sorry if words were spelled wrong and grammatical errors were made. This is just a weary rant after hearing somebody say the President Obama was bringing the country down because the government has asked schools to have transgender bathrooms. So I’m apologizing now for any of that stuff but not for what I’m saying). How can the church be so powerful but yet so weak? Does anybody understand what I’m talking about. If the church would stand together every elected official a believer. In turn every law enacted would be from the standpoint of a believer. Where did “they” come from anyway?  Probably the church! What do we stand for in the church? What do we allow and call it outreach? I think the last Gallup Poll said church goers make up at least 50% of the U.S. population, so why doesn’t the church have the power to change these laws and create the type of Country they want? We spend so much time talking about what’s wrong with the world and our country because “them” instead using our power of life that is in our tongue! From here on out speak and spread LOVE!!!!


Kyri Demby, author, is a native Floridian, born and raised in Crestview, Fl. He is the middle child of seven children born to Linda Brown. Kyri began writing stories and songs at the age of thirteen. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Education as well as in Church Music from Bethune-Cookman University and also a Master of Education Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of South Florida. “Each one must reach one (or two or three)!” is Kyri’s belief about teaching and community service. He is a mentor to many students as well as other professionals. Kyri has written many stories and published several other books. . He has visited many schools, churches, and community centers teaching his playful parables and speaking to children. Kyri is the founder of Let Music Live Inc., "his pride and joy"; a community program incorporates music with drama. He believes that he is changing the world, one child at a time!

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