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Relax and Refresh!

Good Morning Y’all!!!! I am so excited! This weekend starts the Kentucky Derby Events! I normally go to Thunder Over Louisville. But today I have decided to schedule me a Massage and a Mani/Pedi.Then I’m going to just sit around the house and relax! As the school year comes to a close and more events for city take place, our students are going BONKERS!!! They want to be outside playing not stuck inside. That’s why I’m scheduling time to Relax and Resfresh! That way I am not tired at work. This helps me to stay positive and teach with understanding. Most of the time an angry teacher is a tired teacher! Really everybody at some point in time is a teacher. Parents are teachers to their children, Employers are teachers to  their Employees, etc. So everyone needs to always schedule time to Relax and Refresh!

Affirmations: Today is an Amazing day! I love relaxing! I enjoy being with myself. My mind is a safe place to explore. I love myself! I approve of myself! Rest comes easy for me! Today I will Relax and Refresh! ALL IS WELL AND I AM SAFE!