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Wobbling Wavering Wednesday!!!

Good Morning Most Awesome Wonderful Educators! I just gonna be very honest! It must be because I’m tired. The past few days I have gone to bed at 2:00am and gotten back up at 6:30am like clock work. I always say follow your feelings but the past few days it has given me joy to be mean and surly. LOL! (Now that just made me laugh! That came from a movie with Whoopi Goldberg, when she put on her husband’s gravestone. . .  Mean & Surly. . . . LOL!) Well this is just what I’m talking about. Yesterday when I woke up, I was playing my music and singing and dancing! I was very upbeat. But as soon as I got to school, I felt like being mean and surly! I actually enjoyed it. Until my Kindergarteners came in. They won’t allow me being grumpy to stop them from singing, playing, laughing, and dancing! It was so funny because one of them came up to talk to me and I didn’t turn to look at him but I answered. I just didn’t look at him so he stood right there and kept calling my name. At that moment, I decided to shake off my hatefulness and put on a smile and turn to him. He simply said “I missed you” and gave me a hug followed by the rest of the class . It was like they knew I wasn’t myself and waited for me to bring the vibration of joy back into my mind! That was enough to keep me going for the rest of the day!

I mentioned this story about yesterday, because I woke up this morning in the same head space. But just remembering that moment with my kids really gave me life. It’s funny, as I walked around telling other teachers I was feeling Mean and Surly. They all said “Didn’t you do your positive thing this morning?” That the thing; I did do it! But that’s why I’m sharing this story. To show that it is truly a choice. I choose JOY! People think you can’t have days like this when you’re normally a positive person. However one of my affirmations says, “Everyone is always helpful” and “I love my students and they love me”. So even when I feel at my lowest, God sends someone to pull me out of it! To help me choose a joyful thought! Many times it is my students. They seem to have a keen sense to gauge emotions and they know exactly what to do and say to help people from being Wobbling and Wavering!

Daily Affirmations: Today is an Amazing Day! I love my life! I love and approve of myself as I am right here and now! I love the people I work with! Everyone is always helpful. I love my students. I bless each one with love. I know that the love I send to my students and fellow teachers, comes back to me. ALL IS WELL AND I AM SAFE! ALL IS WELL IN MY CLASSROOM! ALL IS WELL IN MY SCHOOL! ALL IS WELL IN MY WORLD! #IBlessMySchoolWithLove


Kyri Demby, author, is a native Floridian, born and raised in Crestview, Fl. He is the middle child of seven children born to Linda Brown. Kyri began writing stories and songs at the age of thirteen. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Education as well as in Church Music from Bethune-Cookman University and also a Master of Education Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of South Florida. “Each one must reach one (or two or three)!” is Kyri’s belief about teaching and community service. He is a mentor to many students as well as other professionals. Kyri has written many stories and published several other books. . He has visited many schools, churches, and community centers teaching his playful parables and speaking to children. Kyri is the founder of Let Music Live Inc., "his pride and joy"; a community program incorporates music with drama. He believes that he is changing the world, one child at a time!

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