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The Cost of Freedom

As we continue to discuss what it means to be free. Look at what it looks like to be limited and unlimited. Living free but limited is just like the animals in the zoo. You think you can do what you want but it’s all in the confinement of what others allow. That’s we have laws in place. These laws are good because it keeps order. Then there are rules which we place on ourselves and others. These rules like one type of person can’t do this or that. Or rules like if you are born this race, economic level, you can’t live this or that type of life. These type of rules are unnecessary and their only purpose is to control others. So in this case maybe the price for freedom is giving up the fear in us that causes us to place rules ( or stereotypes) on others. True freedom starts within the mind.

Freedom Affirmations: I am free to feel loved and to love. I am free to have a joyful life. I am free to feel safe wherever I am. I am free to be wealthy, healthy, whole, and complete. I am free to love myself unconditionally. My mind is free. ALL IS WELL IN MY MIND. ALL IS WELL IN MY LIFE. ALL IS WELL IN MY WORLD. ALL IS WELL AND I AM SAFE. #IBlessMyWorldWithLove


Kyri Demby, author, is a native Floridian, born and raised in Crestview, Fl. He is the middle child of seven children born to Linda Brown. Kyri began writing stories and songs at the age of thirteen. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Education as well as in Church Music from Bethune-Cookman University and also a Master of Education Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of South Florida. “Each one must reach one (or two or three)!” is Kyri’s belief about teaching and community service. He is a mentor to many students as well as other professionals. Kyri has written many stories and published several other books. . He has visited many schools, churches, and community centers teaching his playful parables and speaking to children. Kyri is the founder of Let Music Live Inc., "his pride and joy"; a community program incorporates music with drama. He believes that he is changing the world, one child at a time!

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